Tranquil Empath: How to survive your Energy Sensitivity!

Have you ever thought that you need to find ways to understand your sensitivity to energies?

Have you ever felt that you are going mad just because you don't know whatever you feel?

You are just feeling things a little deeper than others.

You not only feel the pain of others but also feel the energy. Everything is dramatic around you. As though your life is another sci-fiction. People don't understand how you know answers to difficult things.

If you feel like you don't belong to this planet and instead believe like you are an alien, this summit can help you feel safe and at home.

On Tranquil Empath Summit meet 10 expert speakers who are not only Empath but also started their journey just like you, feeling lost.

Tranquil Empath gives you an opportunity to get the acquaintance of more than 50 years of accumulated experiences of these expert speakers. Together they bring to you a path through which you can walk with the feelings of being heard and safe.

Throughout the interviews and videos of the experts, you will feel at home. Your soul will recognise that you are not alone and you can also start feeling empowered by following the tips shared by our Experts.

You will learn:

  • the similarity of events in every Empath's life.

  • the voice we ignore becomes louder until we can't ignore it anymore.

  • how you need to start as early as possible understanding the sensitivity to energies.

  • you are not alone, all you need is to hold hands and learn from others experiences.

  •  Build up intuition so that you can live a tranquil life forever.

The journey doesn't stop here Get Access NOW and get ready for a new ride of adventurous rollercoaster called Life. The journey further will be mystical and safe.

So take action and challenge yourself with our 10 Expert Speakers who are here as your ally to create the most powerful and happiest life ever. 

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  • Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the recording for all 10 inspirational interviews with our phenomenal keynote speakers!

  • Lifetime Access will include video recordings.

  • Ensure maximum support, guidance and coaching on your Transformational journey with unlimited replays!

  • Access to our Private group for further discounts and freebies.

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BUT WHY should you listen to ME:

  • Because I had been an Empath since birth for more than 3 decades.
  • Because I am the mom of an Empath boy for more than a decade And used all the steps to tackle him, a job, and my new business.
  • Because I can tap into and scan the energies of your Empath Child to find the things they can't share.
  • Because I had been working with Empath adults already for 15+ years.
  • But more than this I have all the experience and knowledge for creating powerful changes in the lives of Empath moms and kids.
  • Because I am a Certified Reiki Grandmaster and teacher since 2006. A certified hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach.
  • In addition to this, I am an intuitive Meditation guide, Tarot Card Reader, Angel therapist, Certified crystal, aroma and colour therapist, Galactic channel, medium, and psychic.
  • Because I had been using all the knowledge to create faster than ever changes in my 3500+ clients.

But above all of these...

Because I use every new knowledge on myself before using it with my clients.

So all you receive is a tested and loving solution.

Get Access NOW!

Avail all the recordings and much more with this Sale!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Aboard

    • Welcome

  • 2

    Incredible Speaker-1

    • Speaker: Sydney Campos

    • About Sydney

  • 3

    Incredible Speaker-2

    • Speaker: Satya Debenham

    • About Satya

  • 4

    Incredible Speaker-3

    • Speaker: De'Nicea Hilton Harper

    • About De’Nicea

  • 5

    Incredible Speaker-4

    • Speaker: Amber Price

    • About Amber

  • 6

    Incredible Speaker-5

    • Speaker: Kassi Gregory

    • About Kassi

  • 7

    Incredible Speaker-6

    • Speaker: Izzy Constant

    • About Izzy

  • 8

    Incredible Speaker-7

    • Speaker: Ber-Henda Williams

    • About Ber-Henda

  • 9

    Incredible Speaker-8

    • Speaker: Dr. Deb Peretz

    • About Dr. Deb Peretz

  • 10

    Incredible Speaker-9

    • Speaker: Dr. Angela Martin-King

    • About Dr. Angela Martin-King

  • 11

    Incredible Speaker-10

    • Speaker: Cheryl Martin

    • About Cheryl Martin

  • 12

    Wow you finished this: Can you Help me?

    • Before you move ahead.....

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    • Here is your Next step for you

    • Your Soul is Ready for SHIFT!!!